FAQs About Tennis School International

  1. I have submitted my registration , what happens next?
    You will receive an email confirmation with instructions to pay, once you have made payment your spot will be confirmed. Please allow 2-3 business days for confirmation

2. I have submitted my registration for a class that is on a waiting list, what does this mean?
A class that has a waiting list will only start once the minimum number of registrations have been received. Once this happens, you will receive an email with the starting date and any other info you might need. It is advised to wait until the class start date is confirmed before signing up for a membership at the tennis club.

3. What do I need to bring to my classes?
Please make sure to wear proper tennis attire. This includes athletic wear plus tennis shoes. You will also need to bring your own racquet and it is recommended to bring a bottle of water. All other equipment will be provided.

4. I don’t have my own tennis racquet, do I need to buy one?
Yes, racquets are not provided at this moment.

5. What happens if I’m unable to attend one of the classes?
You will be able to make up the class by attending on a different day when another class with the same level is offered. Up to 3 make up classes will be given. Please note that this is subject to availability of open spots and there will be no refunds issued. For more info about our make-up policy please visit our terms and conditions page by clicking here.

6. Can I take a make-up in the next course session?
No, make-up classes can only be taken during the same session. For example, if you miss a class during the spring session you can have a make-up by coming on a different day to a class of the same level during the spring session. However, you cannot carry the make-up forward to the summer or any other following sessions.

7. Can I take a make-up class before I have missed a class if I know I will be away and miss a class in the future?
Under certain circumstances this may be possible. First priority goes to the student(s) who has already missed a class. If there are still spots available after this, then you may be able to take a make-up in advance. Please stay up to date with the classes’ communication channels for availability of open spots.

8. Are classes cancelled when its raining?
No, classes will continue in the event of rain. Courts are Topclay, meaning they are all weather courts. Only during the event of heavy rain or other extreme weather conditions the class might be rescheduled. This is up to the coaches discretion, and he/she will advise the class as soon as possible. Please note that there could be last minute cancelations due to poor weather conditions. Classes cancelled by TSI due to weather conditions will be rescheduled at a later date.

9. The session has already started, is it still possible to register?
If there are still open spots in the class you will be able to register. Costs of the course will be pro rated. Meaning you will only be charged from the moment you start. Please submit your registration in order to enrol in the class.

10. I don’t know my tennis level, which class should I register for?
Please visit our “Class Levels” page to view a description of the level of each class. You can visit the page by clicking here. If it is still unclear, please send us an email.

11. Do I need to become a member of the tennis club and how much is it?
This depends on the season. Outdoor season (April – October) you will need to become a member. During the winter months (November – March) membership is not necessary. For more info about membership please click here.

12. Can I take private classes together with a friend or family member?
Yes! When you take private lessons together with someone you can share the costs. This is referred to as a “Semi-Private Lesson” and consists of two people. In addition, you can also form your own group with more than two people, you can send us an email to get a special quote.

13. What is the scheduling for private lessons?
Scheduling for private lessons is much more flexible. Your class could be scheduled for the same time every week or you could set up a different time every week. Please contact us so that you can set up a class time based on your own and the coach’s availability.

14. Is it possible to reschedule a private lesson?
Yes, minimum 24hrs notice must be given, otherwise full charge applies.



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