Intermediate Advanced – Level 5 (Thursdays)


  • Thursdays: 19:30h – 21:00h
  • Max number of players 4
  • An additional 2 spots may be reserved for make-ups.
  • Price: €585 For 17 lessons

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In this level players can have consistent rallies from Forehands and backhands, play with variety of spins and pace on the ball. They can also make of use of volleys, lobs, and approach shots. They already possess sound footwork and can make use of different spins in their serve (kick, flat, slice). They are able to place the serve into the Backhand and/or Forehand side of the service box. In this course the coach will help players gain more control over the ball to be able to exploit opponents weaknesses through all strokes. More advanced footwork, and swing technique optimization. In addition, players will start developing their own style of play to be used in match play and become comfortable playing from all areas of the court.

  • Membership of Luck Raeck Tennis Club
  • Average playing experience for players in this class: 5 to 10 years
  • Average amount of time taking lessons (with a coach) of players in this class: 5- 10 years
  • *Optional* Dutch Player Rating: 7.0 – 8.0
  • If you are unsure of your level or have any other questions about the requirements please send us an email.

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