Open Tennis Day

Introductory tournament on Saturday 4th September, 2021.

On Saturday 4th of September, the club will host an Open Day of Tennis. It is for people who are not yet members as well as those who are already members and want to orientate themselves. Help the club and invite friends and acquaintances!

If desired, people who visit the Open Day are also included in the games  we organize for the new members. The games are in a rhythm of one hour of which 45 minutes of playing time and fifteen minutes for a break with a drink, clearing the court, etc. You can participate in a maximum of 3 games, but you can also choose to play 2 or 1 games.

The day will start at 11:45 AM, with an expected end around 3:30 PM.

At the same time,  tennis matches are organized for new members. This concerns doubles, both DD, HD and GD. The new members vary from starter to experienced tennis player, so that opens perspective for everyone! We make the game-plan of who plays with whom against whom. And of course we take into account everyone’s level of play as much as possible. All you have to do is sign up for this fun tennis afternoon!

We would also like to explain all kinds of practical facts about tennis at our club and offer you the opportunity to ask questions about our association. You also get the opportunity to get to know (more) tennis buddies by playing games with and against other new members.

More information about the open day and the day program on the club’s website: .


We ask that you register in advance to participate, so that we can schedule your matches and you will receive an email with your schedule times in advance. Please send your email to before Thursday 2 September. What we would like to know in preparation for your arrival:

1. First name, last name and gender.

2. What is your tennis experience? B) Have some experience, but that’s about it. C) Play a game with some regularity / have been taking lessons for a while. D) Am an experienced tennis player; play level 7 or higher 3. How many games of 45 minutes do you want to play on this day: 1, 2 or 3?

Bring your tennis racket, balls and cell phone plus all the questions about Luck Raeck!

See you on September 4 !