How to sign up for a course or lesson?

Step 1:

Check the registration opening date and time. This will be announced on our Group Classes page.

Please note registration take place on a first come first serve basis. Priority will be given to Perks Pass holders and then to the general public.

Step 2:

Select the course you want to participate in. You can view all the courses in our online store by clicking here.

Step 3:

Check the requirements of the course. Each course has different requirements. For some courses you might also need to become a member of the tennis club. You can see this requirements under the course description from the link above. Make sure you fulfill these requirements in order to participate.

Step 4:

Purchase the course. After purchasing the course you will receive an email confirmation of your enrolment.

Step 5:

Attend the course. Now you are ready to enjoy some tennis.

Have fun and see you on the tennis courts!