How to Get Started Playing Tennis?

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If you are looking to try a new sport, tennis is an excellent choice. It’s a fun hobby that will keep you active, improve overall health and introduce to like-minded people. It’s never too late to start learning. People start playing tennis for many different reasons, at any fitness level and at all ages. 

Read our list of suggestions below on how to get started playing tennis.

Find motivation and desire to begin

Every activity starts with a true desire, if you want to succeed in any sport you should at least want to do it and be highly motivated. Tennis is a rather challenging sport, which requires both physical and mental efforts. Success takes time, dedication, much patience and regular practice. Therefore, you should love this game and keep yourself motivated in order to make progress. However, it is strangely satisfying to say the least when you manage to get control of the ball and hit it right in the centre of your racquet, with perfect direction and lot of power. No wonder why they call this hitting the ball on the sweet spot. It is only a feeling that only tennis players will be able to understand!  

Find the right equipment

The only equipment you need to play tennis is a racquet, tennis balls, comfortable uniform and sports shoes (tennis shoes are highly recommended). A tennis racquet is the most important element of equipment; it should fit you and your game. Your racquet head, grip and weight should be the right size for your skill level, so you should take its choice seriously. Need tips about choosing the right tennis racquet? Click here to see our beginner’s guide to tennis racquets!

Your shoes should have good ankle support to prevent getting injuries. As for tennis uniform, it’s better to choose a dry-fit material, so it will be light and comfortable to wear. You may also select some fabric wristbands and headbands to keep the sweat out of your eyes and racquet’s grip.

Find a professional tennis coach to take tennis lessons

For beginner tennis lessons, you will need a qualified tennis trainer to teach you proper technique. Correct technique is one of the most significant parts of success and should be mastered under professional supervision. The right coach will definitely help you to improve technical and tactical aspects, fixing the mistakes at an earlier stage. 

There is a great variety of tennis trainers in every large city, who are experienced in working with all ages and skill levels. Beware, experience doesn’t equal expertise in tennis. Be sure to find a qualified trainer. If you need help with this or would like to inquire more about it you can also contact us at Tennis School International where one of our coaches will be more than happy to help you. 

Learn tennis rules

This is not the most essential part of starting playing tennis, but learning the rules will help you to understand the game better. The knowledge of the scoring system is also important, you will need it when start competing in matches. A great advice is to learn the rules while watching professional matches. It will be more entertaining and you will see the proper technique at the same time. The scoring system and the rules may seem a bit confusing at first; but as with anything, the more you do it the easier it will become.

Attend group lessons

Group tennis lessons are a perfect option to master your skills and get social benefits at the same time. You can meet new people, who share similar interests there and arrange matches to practice together. Another plus of group lessons is that they are much less expensive than private tennis lessons.

Also, you can meet people from different countries there, as international students come to tennis academies to master their skills. For example, here at Tennis School International in Utrecht there are players of different levels from all over the world, so you can connect with new people and play tennis.

Practice, practice, practice

Like in any other sport, you should train hard in order to make progress. A great way to make a process more fun is to find a partner to hit some balls together. You can encourage each other in difficult times, share experience and make each other a better player. When you learn the rules and scoring system, you can play real matches together. It will bring competitive spirit, enthusiasm and passion to your game. In general, Tennis coaches recommend taking at least one lesson per week in the beginning and then practice one or two times a week with your friend. It will help you to develop muscle memory and improve your strokes.

Find a place to play 

Search for public courts, parks and other nearby tennis facilities. No friends who can play tennis with you? No problem. Tennis clubs and academies are packed with people of all skill levels and ages. Just contact them and get information about tennis programs and classes. You even have an opportunity to practice on your own, without a court and a partner! You can hit a tennis ball against the wall to get the sense of the ball. Believe it or not, a lot of Top players started playing tennis this way, having only the racquet, a ball and the wall.

After reading this article, you received tips for beginners on how to start playing tennis. Now it’s your time to take the first step! Don’t be afraid, just take a tennis racquet with some balls and begin your tennis journey.

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